In the world of hand fans, a new wind is blowing.



The sun was burning from the Rhineland sky and gave Ingo Zander and Patrick Hampel a light sunstroke and also a brilliant idea: Hand fans should not only be the perfect accessory for the Spanish señora, but also for all other people. Not the cheaply imported, unimaginative souvenir goods from the Far East. We wanted to create hand fans that are lovingly designed and full of good mood. That you like to carry with you and show off. It quickly became clear that there should simply be a FRECHER FÄCHER® for everyone.

An idea quickly turned into a whole series of FRECHER FÄCHER®: high-quality hand fans with very different colorful designs. Some with stylish patterns, some with funny illustrations and always a surprising interpretation of the theme. A charming fashion accessory with a favorite motif for everyone.


We want to whirl ourselves into the hands of fashion-conscious people with lively design and lots of charm. Patrick HampelCREATIVE DIRECTOR & FOUNDER

Patrick is a passionate graphic designer and creative director who has been able to connect people and brands with his ideas in many national and international advertising budgets. He is interested in ideas that inspire and elicit a “WOOHOO!”-feeling. And that’s exactly what FRECHER FÄCHER® had from the very beginning.


Hand fans handmade.


All our products are pure manual work. In Valencia, the cradle of the Spanish fan craft. Here our colorful fans are produced in a traditional way. The manufactures use traditional techniques and combine them with modern materials and printing methods. In order to create a single hand fan, numerous work steps are necessary in addition to the design process. Only in this way will it become a perfect FRECHER FÄCHER® for you and us.


Anyone can carry our fans: female, male and all those who have at least one hand free. On frecher-fä, you will find your favorite hand fan.


Ingo is an entrepreneur and “Ruhrpottkind”. He is constantly on the lookout for new adventures or challenges. Whether he rides alone on his bicycle from Düsseldorf to Barcelona or climbs Kilimanjaro with friends: he always needs new goals and tasks. In other words: Ingo has everything it takes to lead FRECHER FÄCHER® to success.

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